Baketech and The man behind it all

The man behind it all

In the early 1960s, Preman began his career at a humble age of 14 years, equipped with nothing but will power, a mind ready to do any respectable work and dedication to do it the best possible way. The doors of baking sweets opened, shining the light of a stable livelihood. Though life was anything but a cake walk for Preman, he moved forward eagerly. Little did he know how his baking skills were going to change his life and many others lives too.

From the sweet shop, he went on to work in different fields, in different capabilities. After resigning from the then glam job at Dinesh Beedi, he boldly entered the world of small enterprises. But the new domain and lack of experience rocked the boat, and within a year his new shop had drowned.

But Preman was not the one to be deterred and fate smiled on him once again, leading him to the local talent and baking knowledge-bank named Sasi. Together they both set up shop selling local snacks items once again.

Since then it has been nothing but growth and success in the charts for Preman.
Now, he sells nearly 30 items under three brands: Prince, Kings, and Preman’s Snacks in Kannur, Kozhikode and Karnataka.

The Hidden Engineer in the Bakery

With the business soaring new heights, the demand for Preman’s snacks grew every day.
The simple law of economy was encouraging Preman to think of innovative ideas to keep growing.
He was in need of a local industrial revolution.

His studies might have ended at second grade. But he knew what he wanted. He understood what he needed. The engineer inside him woke up and he decided to make the machines himself.
After six months long learning of the nature of metals and welding, he began making machines for mass production of native snacks items like mixture, Pakkavada and murukku and banana-slicing machine.

The Beginning of the Big Picture

Life was good. Preman passed on his legacy to his son, who runs it with zeal.
But Preman’s mind and hands were not meant to be idle. He got his own welding equipment and started making automated snacks machine designed to be used by anyone; even those without any technical know-how, his equipment changed the snacks market as a whole.
The turning point was the tapioca slicing machine, which was nothing short of the heaven-sent device for many bakery labourers.
In that heartwarming welcome of his custom-made device, Baketech automated bakery solution was born

Custom made snacks machines
The story of these utility machines spread far wide. There was no real promotion or advertisements for nearly 12 years.
People came in search of this equipment, depending on the custom requirements of the bakers, Baketech began producing machines.
From small bakeries, these equipment began to be used by bakery chains and bigger producers.
Baketech automated bakery solution equipment became a regular feature at bakery association events and exhibitions.

Baketech machines have now crossed borders. They are now licensed even for mass production in states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and even in Dubai.