6 Newest Trends and Innovation in Bakery Business

1. Salty & Savory Muffins
Savoury is in talk nowadays due to many reasons. It is usually applied to the future success of the retail bakery sectors. When you ask any bakery business owner about selling out the good products than you will get the same answer i.e. “the savoury can outpace the sale of sweet bakery items”.
The reason behind is that the customers especially the youngsters are looking for a bakery as a delicious food provider. From the past couple of years, snacking has taken the place of the mealtime occasions. There are a few bakery owners who have started mealtime products to grab the attention of the consumers.


For example, they have started pizzas, muffins, chicken bread, etc. The bakery items are easy to grab instead of making food at home. People are now headed towards eating these items more because of their busy routine.

2. Understanding Clean Label Demand
Whether you own a small bakery business or a big one; whether it is an online bakery business or an offline one; you have to understand that the labelling must be done in a clean manner. Many bakery owners are not paying attention to the clean labels.

Also, they are not considering the demand for the clean and clear labels. In the event that you want to stand out from the rest of the businesses, then you have to place clean labels on your bakery items packaging.

For diverse customers, clean labels mean diverse things. However, the most common thing consumers consider the clean labels is that “The product must be hygienic and healthy”.

According to a survey in New York, it has been noted that consumers have turned out to be keen regarding the labelling done on the packaging.

3. Non-PHO Shortenings
The Food and Drug administration have introduced new rules and regulations. The bakers have to reformulate their bakery items without making use of any PHOs (partially hydrogenated oils). It means that 2018 will be a crucial year for the changeover to the non-PHO shortenings.


A certified master baker called Mitch Riavez have introduced many PHO-free shortening solutions for bakers. He focused on the soy and palm-based shortenings that work better than the PHOs.

4. Expanding Use of Fondant
People are fond of cakes and other food items for decades. However, with the passage of time, decoration of the cake got too much importance. People like to have such cakes that are not just delicious but are beautified in a great manner.


The using of fondant is a new trend in the cake bakery business. Whether the cake is going to be cut on a wedding or birthday, it has to be adorned and beautified according to the event. Cakes are not embellished with different frostings, ribbons, bows, fruits, and others.

6. Personalized & eco-friendly Packaging
Last but not the least, personalize and eco-friendly packaging is the newest trend and innovation in the bakery business. There was a time when people were fond of simple boxes and containers. But now the tables have turned as people like to have their bakery items in beautifully design custom boxes.


Whether it is a cake for a birthday or any other event, it has to be wrapped up in personalized eco-friendly cake boxes wholesale to amaze the onlookers. In addition, consumers are now worried about the environment so they need to get such packaging that is human-friendly.

Harmful and chemical used packaging is not liked by the consumers. In the event that you do not want to lose your consumers then it is better to get a packaging which is personalized and eco-friendly.

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